Birth name
Sven Driesen
28 February 1992
Electronic Dance Music
Years active

Qrittix is a dutch Dj/Producer that has sold his heart to the dance scene.

He started at the young age of 8 playing at weddings and birthday party’s. shortly after that he switched to playing at local bars and small clubs. At the age of 15 he was playing clubs and stealing the scene. He loves being in the spotlight and satisfying the crowd.
he gets a rush from the cheering crowd and with his melodic breaks and hard hitting drops he always gets everyone on their feet.

After a rough childhood he decided to strike back, starting to workout doing sports like, ice hockey and going to the gym.
When he gained back his confidence he started to strike back. Not being much of a fighter and more of a person of peace,
he decided to use his anger towards his past within his music, reflecting feelings in a musical form.

And now at the age of 21 he released his first album “a new generation” featuring vocalist Bonnie Legion.
He has bin collabing with several artist like, KBiG Productions, Brian Perrett, Bonnie & Clyde Legion, Majik, Tim van Doorn and Daniel Diego.
Now working on his second album and working with more artist each month. Labels start to notice and doors are opening, now it’s time to shine at get his name out in the open.

It’s time to take over festivals and the big clubs. Make sure to remember his name because soon he’ll be on posters on every corner of your street.